Social distancing? Get outdoors!

By: Paul Caronna, General Manager of Sequoia Outdoor Supply

At Sequoia, we’re taking it one DIY at a time! Since practicing social distancing leads to extra time at home, lots of people are tackling outdoor projects. While practicing social distancing, there are ways you can get outside to benefit your mental health:

• Tackle a DIY outdoor project your family has had on the back burner, like a fence, deck, pergola or pavilion.
• Working from home? Set up your office near a bright window.
• To break up the monotony of your day, go for a bike ride, run or walk.
• Take an online exercise class in the comfort of your own backyard.
• Fire up the grill and bring dinner outdoors.
• If you have fire pit, take a break from screen time and make some s’mores.
• Set up an outdoor movie night.
• Rent a kayak on Bayou St. John.
• If you’re able, walk or bike to the grocery store for essential needs.
• Start a garden or plant flowerbeds in your backyard.
• On your lunch break, take your pet for a walk around the block.
• Create a backyard slip and slide for the kids.
• Go on a family camping trip in the backyard.

Of course, we encourage everyone to stay safe when heading outdoors. When visiting public parks, avoid crowded paths. Those experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 should take recommended CDC precautions.

As a local small business, our top priority is joining together to support our customers, partners and community during this difficult time. We’re ready to help you complete your next outdoor project together — just give our team a call at (504) 837-3300 or email

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