Health Benefits of Spending Time Outdoors

Paul Caronna, General Manager of Sequoia Outdoor Supply

As the Gulf Coast’s largest supplier of cedar products, it’s no secret that my team and I enjoy spending the majority of our time outdoors.

Whether working on a DIY project or hosting a cookout for friends and family, being outdoors is a nice change of pace from sitting in front of screens at a desk all day. In addition, venturing into the great outdoors can be good for both your mental and physical health.

Spending more time outdoors can:

• Improve short term memory

• Make you happier

• Reduce inflammation

• Boost your energy and immune system

• Reduce mental fatigue and increase focus

• Fight depression and anxiety

• Reduce blood pressure

• Increase inspiration

At Sequoia Outdoor Supply, we make it easy for our customers to spend more time outdoors. With a variety of pergola and pavilion kits, we have the perfect additions to transform your backyard. If you don’t see the perfect pergola or pavilion for you, we can make you a custom structure based on your specifications.


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