10 Tips to Protect Your Home This Termite Season

Paul Caronna, General Manager of Sequoia Outdoor Supply

They swarm streetlights, sneak into our homes and crawl on our skin. Termites are a familiar terror to anyone living in the South, especially when the warmer weather starts to seep in. These creepy crawlies cause $5 billion worth of property damage annually, according to Pest World.

As a supplier of western red cedar, treated lumber, timbers, fencing supplies and more, we know it’s crucial for homeowners to protect their property from termites. Here are ten tips to get your started:

  1. Make time for a regular termite inspection, whether that be on a yearly or bi-yearly basis. If you suspect your home is infected, contact a professional immediately to get a second opinion.
  2. Termites need water to thrive, so get rid of any excess moisture on your property. Think about water that may be collecting on your roof or near your foundation, leaky faucets or AC units.
  3. Know the signs to look for that might mean you have a termite problem. The National Pest Management Association sites mud tubes, bubbling paint and wood that sounds hollow when knocked.
  4. If you have any exterior fixtures on your property like windows or doorframes, monitor them for any major changes.
  5. Termites feed on wood, so remove dead trees and wood from your property. If you store firewood, do so safely and away from your home.
  6. Eliminate the ways termites can access your home by sealing openings around gas and water lines.
  7. Trim your trees to make sure there are no branches or limbs touching your home.
  8. Trade your cardboard storage boxes for plastic ones. Many people don’t know that cardboard can be another enticement for termites.
  9. Mount bug screens over attic and foundation vents to physically prevent bugs from entering through these openings.
  10. If you’ve seen termites in your yard, install termite bait stations to prevent the creepy crawlies from fleeing to your home.

At Sequoia Outdoor Supply, we carry the highest quality of lumber and inspect our wood products and materials to ensure no termites affect your DIY home and garden projects. Remember all the Western Red Cedar we carry is naturally resistant to rot and insects like termites. Come by our store to pick up whatever you need for all of your outdoor construction needs!

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